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  • How can I access the Fireblazing application?
    Fireblazing application will be downloaded and installed from Downloader or Internet web browser. Fireblazing application for Amazon devices Open Downloader Scroll to HOME and click over to enter the URL Enter code 562416 Click on GO Fireblazing application using Internet web broswer 1. Open Internet web broswer 2. Enter URL 3. Download and Install application. *Note you may be asked to install from unknown sources so you will click on enable unknown source to complete the installation process.
  • Do you offer free trials?
    We currently are not offering free trials but may look into doing so in the future.
  • I can not find a service were should I look?
    You can locate the available services we have to offer under the SERVICE menu to purchase. *Note 1,3,and 5 connections have been discontinued as of 11/01/2023.
  • I have received my login credential by email but I an getting a message that my account has expired. What should I do?
    Upon receiving your login credentials it is important that you enter the information that is shown from the email because your login credentials are case sensitive. If entered incorrectly you will get this error message.
  • I just purchased service but my service is not working?
    This could be a couple of reasons first your account may not be setup or extended. Each account is now entered manually so it could take some time to have your account operating properly. *Note that services are activated in the order they are received, if you service has been longer than a few hours please send a message from the contact us section to check on the status on your order.
  • The application is frozen and will not move further what could I do?
    If this happens you will want to unplug the device from the outlet for one minute and re-plug and let the system reboot. This should let you get pass the screen you were currently stuck on.
  • I think my application is outdated how can I update to the latest version of the application?
    To update to the latest application you will need to uninstall and reinstall the application: Settings> Applications> Manage Installed Applications> Fireblazing> Uninstall Open Downloader> enter code 562416> Go Install and Open> Click on I already have a username and password> renter login credentials
  • Do you offer a referral service?
    Yes, for each successful referral that signed up for service, you will be awarded an additional month of service to your current account. *Note you will be required to proved the name of your client so that they can be verified to receive credit to your account.
  • *Troubleshooting Tips:
    Here are a few ways that you can keep you service operating smoothly: 1. To reduce buffering you will and to keep all of your sections refreshed before you start your service. 2. To refresh sections you will high-light the main section you want to use and click down once and enter. This will refresh the section for you, which will bring the time back to 1 sec. *Note Refreshing will always keep your content up-to-date. 3.To enable the guide follow these steps: Click on Settings> Click on EPG> Click on Refresh EPG> Click back twice to the Main Menu> Select Selection 4. Have an active account but receiving error message on every stream. You can force stop and relaunch the application. Click on Settings> Applications> Manage Installed Applications> Click on the Application> Click on Force Stop> Click on Launch or Turn on and use a VPN and reenter the application. 5. To conduct a Hard Reset of the router/modem. Unplug your equipment for the outlet for 5 minutes, after the time has passed re-plug your equipment and let it reboot back up.
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